So you want to learn more about Agriculture?

So you decided you want to learn more about agriculture. The issue is you don’t know where to turn to, to learn. You can’t go back to college because you have to take a ton a prerequisites to even get to the classes you are interested in and to take one class could cost you thousands of dollars.

Whether you are already a Farmer, someone who wants to get into farming, or just a consumer who wants to learn more about the products you use, Agricultural Extension is the answer for you!


Want to learn about how to manage your farm business better? There is a class for that. Its a online class so you can do it from anywhere and the cost is very reasonable compared to take classes like a college student.

Interested in starting your own garden? There is a class for that too! This one is in Lebanon, Pa and the cost is only $7.00.

 Want to learn how you can stretch your dollar on a budget for healthy living? then check out this class. This one is free and is in Tannersville, Pa.

 These are only a few examples of the many classes you can take through extension. Why not give one a try?

For these examples I used Penn State Extension but there are many other universities with extension sites as well here are a few:

Penn State –

Univeristy of Wisconsin –

Iowa State Univeristy –

Texas A&M –

If you know of more that I haven’t added here go ahead and list them in the comments.


Summer Plans

Less then a month till the end of the semester!

I’m pretty excited but at the same time I am not ready for it to be over yet. I am going to miss my friends that graduate this year. I have made some great friends since I started college and I can not believe it is almost over.

On the bright side I am quitting my job at Ross Stores Inc and I found a job working at my college’s Diary farm for the summer. I will probably work there even in the fall so I can make some money to pay for school. I am pretty excited, hopefully this will help me learn more about the dairy industry.

My boyfriend is very excited, he is a dairy farmer, then he does not have to teach me how to milk cows.

I am also hoping to get a part time job at Tractor Supply but i have not heard back yet so at least i have the dairy to work at for now.

anyway that is all that is going on thought id update people on my goings

Later Days,

The Belle of Beef.

What do I want to be when I grow up?

Growing up I wanted to be a radio show host, firefighter, singer, professional equestrian and a veterinarian. The veterinarian is probably the closest thing I am to. Well it turned out I’m not going to do any of those things. I figured out you have to know a lot about singers more than just the name of the song when it comes on the radio so no radio host. Knowing my clumsiness I would end up needing saving so being a firefighter was not for me. I can sing but I have no other musical talent, and I can ride a horse but that’s about it. Veterinarian is definitely out of the question I’m tired of college already.  I am currently at The Pennsylvania State University for a degree in Animal Science with an option in Agribusiness Management.


In my sophomore year of high school I was working as the student athletic trainer for all sports. I learned a lot about the human anatomy, how to wrap ankles, wrists, and other body parts. I also perfected the tampon in the nose for wrestlers. One of my favorite things was helping students with their rehab. I taught them how to do many different stretches to help heal injuries. My favorite had to be the color match. The student had to stand on a half ball and balance while tapping their foot that was not on the half ball on small color spot. They had to do it in whatever order I told them too.  I saw many emergencies and many simple fixes. I really enjoyed being about of the athletic training crew. If I was not in animal science that is what I would probably be doing with my life.

During my senior year I was deciding what school to go to and watch I should major in. I knew Athletic training was going to be a tough major and I will not sugar coat it I am not a very studious student. Originally when I was applying to Penn State I decided I would go to nursing school then if I was still interested in being an athletic trainer I would go back to school.


^my sister graduated from vet school the same year i graduated high school.

Fortunately, I did not get into the nursing program but I did get into the animal science program. I am so glad I was not accepted in to the nursing program. Because of that I am in animal science and working toward something I’m passionate about. As of now I’m still not sure exactly what I want to do but I know that as long as it has to do with farm animals I will be happy. Hopefully I’ll be graduating this fall 🙂

A little bit about the blogger

Hello my name is Emily, my farming experience comes from working on my grandparents black angus farm. Currently I am at school for animal science at The Pennsylvania State University. After college my plans are to work for either an animal productions company or a company that promotes an animal industry. Currently I work for Wolfe farms in Centre County, Pa, their main source of income is a feedlot with many different types of cattle. They also raise dairy and angus show cattle for their daughter. My job is to feed and work with the show cattle to get them ready for showing season.

Besides being apart of the beef industry I am also learning more about the dairy industry through my boyfriend. I hope to one day be  a part of their dairy farm helping care for their girls.

2013-11-30 10.31.16

^ myself and our bull Curly Q that we recently sold.